Daniel Rakasz

Daniel’s first memories standing on the stage are of church and school as a young boy in his hometown of Győr.

After playing his first role while still in high school, Daniel knew he must follow his passion. While studying at Budapest Business School, where he graduated with a BA in Economy and Finance, Daniel trained with the National Dance Theater Company.

He then competed in the Hungarian television show, “So You Think You Can Dance” (a.k.a “Megatánc”) and was among the top eight. 

This only boosted his career and presence in the spotlight as he was then chosen to play such roles as:
Phoebus in Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (Germany), The Red Shoe Soloist in Roman Polanski’s cult musical “Dance of the Vampires” (Hungary & Germany), Johnny Castle in Eleanor Bergstein’s “Dirty Dancing” (Berlin), Kyle in “Legally Blonde” (Vienna), Danny in “Grease” (tour), Billy Flynn in “Chicago” and Aramis in “Three Musketeers” (Theater Magdeburg).
Daniel not only continues to work but also chooses to focus on his training. He has worked and continues to work with top notch coaches in Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles. He feels very grateful to have worked with some of the greatest talents of the industry across the world.

Last updated in October 2019

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